About (Extended)

I am very concerned and dedicated – and have been for many years now.

Since I had been fortunate enough to generate decent profits during the „commercial phase“ of my life – I made the decision to invest most of my funds into an effort, I strongly believe to be the only possible approach to not only really make a difference, but to also “actually save this planet”.

I’ve always spent a lot of time sailing the oceans of this world, consequently became an eye-witness to the horrendous destruction of that crucial source for food for many and oxygen for all of us!

So I started to work on realizing these projects.
Quietly, not putting myself into the foreground, not expecting any „praise or recognition“ for my work.

On the contrary: The moment a particular person takes center-stage, discussions tend to start revolving around that person, pushing the matter deserving all the focus, to the side.

Hence: This is not about me – but, needless to say, anyone really ready to also make a commitment will have access to all information about me.

This being said:
I did (and actually still do!) own not only one, but two yachts.
One, the „small one“ was my personal „toy“ – the other one, the „big one“, I did acquire in 2010 particularly for the project at hand.

The „big one“, SY AMIBON (www.Amibon.com) I acquired in a totally run down condition. It had been badly neglected for many years. But it was cheap, I still was 10 years younger than today, and consequently poured not only quite a lot of money (about 1 Million Euros) but also some 40.000(!) hours of my personal labor into refitting her to the stage you can see in the pictures on the website above.
I still do hold a „maritime lien“ against her to the tune of € 1,200,000.00 and a „maritime claim“, reflecting the personal labor I put into her refit, to the tune of € 800,000.00

By the time I was done and ready to launch the project, I naturally was already quite low on „available cash“ – and had to hear a sentence, spoken by the manager of the marina she was berthed at, I will never forget:
„We want this boat, we want it for free – and we will get it.“

Insane! Right? Especially considering that I was berthed in Mallorca, in Spain, a „European Country“, with a functioning justice system? Right?
Little did I know.

All it took for us to still be at a „stalemate“ are some utterly corrupt judges, equally corrupt police and the „local network“ typical for any island.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not „whining“ about this situation. When facing ultimate “criminal energy” it is either impossible to win – or it will take a long time.

Status Quo is: For the moment „AMIBON“ has disappeared from her berth in Palma de Mallorca, allegedly is being „hidden“ in Alcudia, and there is nothing I can do, until she surfaces in any other port of the world. Then I will have her put on „a chain“ and the legal battle will continue.

The situation our world is in and the urgency a project like ours is needed, does not allow to simply „wait it out“.

So, I decided to, at least „temporarily“, make my personal yacht, my „little one“, SY AMOR MARIS (www.AmorMaris.com) available to the project at hand.
Despite her also measuring some 20m (64′) she really is too small for this project.

But, back in 2013, when I decided to also donate her to the non-profit NGO designated to operate this project, we did not know that we were only 7 years away from that „total international melt-down“ we currently are experiencing.
(Trust me: I DID(!) understand, even back then, that events, like those we are seing today, are imminent, but, I guess, I just did hope for them not to unfold in my life-time)

Anyway: I figured, that it’s better to do „something“, rather than „do nothing at all“, and started to put her to work.
We did have a rather successful first season 2014 in the south of France, prior to having to put her in storage for the winter, for me to deal with some urgent medical attention.
I unfortunately opted for a fairly cheap „winter berth“ in the Marina of Roses, in Spain, while undergoing surgery in Austria.

Literally within hours(!) of me leaving her behind in Spain, she got „stolen“.
Odds are, that the very same people giving me all these troubles in Mallorca, had decided that she does represent „considerable funds“, that would allow me to continue my legal battle against them, and thought her better to be „removed from me“.
(The theft of a rather valuable “collector’s car” from my possession, can also easily be attributed to the same people. So when you are being offered an exquisit Rolls Royce Silver Spur, Two-Tone Paint (“light oyster over dark oyster”) with spotless “as new” interior: You’d be buying a car stolen from me. Here you can see it in a video: – Also available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqb9EfemwUA )

Anyways: Within a few days AMOR MARIS allegedly did resurface in a small port in Algeria (impossible to hide such a classic & “one of a kind” beauty!) – where she still is stuck.

Slowly rotting away.
Forcing us, again(!), into yet another legal battle.
This time against PANTAENIUS Insurance, who simply refused to either return the yacht to us – or at least pay out the agreed upon insurance value.

Is PANTAENIUS to blame?
I don’t know!
(A) As an insurance they obviously will always try to avoid any payouts, with whatever means possible and (B) they do depend on a „favorable climate“ in one of the major yachting hubs: Mallorca – and thus they are well advised to not alienate the Mallorcan crooks by supplying me/us with some major „funding“.

Status Quo: I personally do hold a recorded „maritime lien“ against AMOR MARIS to the tune of € 300,000.00 as well as a maritime claim (yet again for „labor invested“ into another extensive refit) to the tune of another € 300,000.00

The Algerian Government, while claiming that they want AMOR MARIS to be picked up, has been busy throwing any stick available into our gears, effectively making it impossible to retrieve her from that dump where she is stuck at.
…..and even if we will eventually be able to retrieve her, (we still are trying every possible way to make that happen), it will take yet another major refit to get her into proper shape and condition again.

Should the Algerians opt to somehow usurp her, it again will be only a matter of her surfacing in any port outside of Algeria, to put her also on a chain and fight that out in a „proper court of law“.

Again, I am not “whining”.
Maybe I should have postponed continuing working on that project, maybe I should have sold AMOR MARIS and put the proceeds into the legal battle against the „Mallorca Yacht Mafia“ – well, I did not.

In any case:
I now am financially comfortable enough to cover my personal living expense, have enough left to fight the one or other battle in court to retrieve either vessel, ….BUT: I most certainly do not have enough funding left, to just acquire an other yacht and just get that „TV-Show-Project to change the world“ off the ground.

We now NEED „outside help“.
Maybe someone with a bunch of lawyers in his employ who can speed up the legal battle to regain control of either vessel – and get that done FAST(!) ….. or maybe someone who currently is interested in selling his (larger & hence „suitable for our purposes“) sailing-vessel. And who’d be willing to either donate it to us, or offer some very „creative financing“, or who is willing to „long term lease“ it to us for some rather symbolic compensation.

We need to act now!
Time is more of the essence than ever before.

The alternative to us succeeding with „waking the people“ and triggering significant changes to our societies that come voluntarily and from „within“, is very, very dark.

I am not dead yet – hence I will continue to fight, will continue to try to make a difference, will continue to offer any and all of my abilities and personal resources, continue to make all my brain and expertise and experience available to these efforts.

I can not do it alone….. so, the question is:


Drop us a line. I will personally respond. ….and lets take it from there.