1.) What is the meaning of “Human Quest”? (also “as per our definition”)
2.) What is it we are doing?
3.) Why are we so committed?
4.) Who are we?
5.) How to join us?
6.) Copyrights, Imprint, etc.


1.) What is the meaning of “Human Quest”? (also “as per our definition”)
Probably nobody even remembers a time when “Human Quest” had not been defined as to finding an answer how to have the most success, amass the nost (and biggest!) “toys” but most of all, the most amount of money.
All of the above was simplified into being the definition of “the meaning of life” – while on the other hand, hardly anyobody would ever argue, that “happiness”, “contentment”, “respect”, “recognition” and (especially the older one gets!) “health” are way more important?
Even the thrill of the “brand new Rolls Royce parked outside”, wears off pretty quickly, – the latest when a new model is being introduced.
As far as we are concerned it does not need any “new defitinition” of what the “Human Quest” should be about – all we really need to do is to recollect what the truly essential values of life have always been..
The first step being “Awareness”…..
And an old proverb goes something like this: (Self-) awareness is the first step towards improvement

2.) What is it we are doing?
We have been searching for ideas and concepts on “how to reach the masses” and to motivate them to
(a.) realize the urgency for taking action and
(b.) to not only want(!) to contribute to change, but actually exercising it themselves in their daily lives.
This question (on how to reach the masses) we believe we have found with the “TV-Show concept”.
More detailed information about these thoughts you can find by clicking the link for “Why TV?”.

3.) Why are we so committed?
No matter how often we are trying to deny it; Bottom line is, we humans are “Pack Animals”.
If one would try to reduce all evil of the entire human history to the “lowest common denominator”, the result most likely would be: “Individual, equally ruthless as megalomaniacal, Egoists……”
But in reality: Only the fewest among us would be able to survive on their own.
In view of the ecological situation it is quite late anyways (hopefully “not too late) to come around a fight for a “livable planet Earth”.
Environmentalism has to become a matter of the heart to everybody.
It simply wont work to lean back and expect Politicians, or the majority of CEO’s (and/or their share-holders), to suddenly grow a not only social but also ecological conscience.

Plus: Developing just an “Environmental Conscience” will not suffice!
We also need some sort of “social renewal” of our societies to happen at the same time. A quite “general one” at that.
We need less conflict and (way!) more unity.
What individuals will have a hard time mastering, taken on jointly it might even look easy.
We want to put the “human being” center stage. The human being who is in tune¬† with Nature – instead of constantly acting against it.
Humans…. with all their fortes, talents and dreams.
Just imagine the message it would be if a bunch of “outcasts” would manage to become the role-model for the rest of us?!
Which is why we want to realize our TV-projects especially together with the young, the unemployed, and those either physically or financially handicapped and bring the result straight into the living-rooms of the people around the world.
Plus, we actually are inviting the frequently vilified “Bankers”, “Industrialists”, “Top-Managers”, and the s.c. “Rich”, to “partner up” with us and join us on this immensly important voyage.
As our friends, fellow human beings, who we can protect with our quantity as they can support us with their education, experience and financial means.
At the same time putting an end to the absurd notion that it would suffice to “declare war” on anyone and that anything would get better by “taking it away from them” for “redistribution”.
For the Future of Mankind only one thought can be considered valid:

4.) Who are we?
There is an old saying with “Charities”:¬† “Be generous – but talk as much as possible about it!”
We strongly believe that to be as wrong as possible.
The attention needed can never be enough “for the cause” and “for the acting people”.
Given the choice, the “matter” always must have priority – or else everything would become “dishonest”?
The moment individuals, even personalities are entering the arena, way too much energy immediately gets wasted on personal discussions, expressions of sympathy (or antipathy) or other rather irrelevant stuff.
All we care about is the matter at hand.
That never should be doubted for the fraction of a second.
Which is why we limit our answer to that question, to:
“Human Quest is an initiative launched by Lisa, Peter and Leo…. supported from an early phase by Helga, Simon and Ruediger…. and we are looking very much forward to welcoming you in our growing team, no matter who you are!”

5.) How to join us?
Very simple!
Browse through our projects and concepts, read our website (yeah, I know, there is a lot of text!) and ask yourself what you could and would be prepared to contribute.
There is no one who can’t do anything.
There is no ability that would not be of help on our journey.
It really is only up to you, to decide if you want to contribute whatever you are able to, and if you want to be part of it.
…and whenever the moment seems to be right to you, simply get in touch with us, and tell us what you are able and willing to offer.
(Just for example: “Helga” has been helping us with proof reading some of our German text, “Simon” was kind enough to help us improve the structuring of our concepts and “Ruediger” joined us enhancing our existing ideas with some very exiting new ideas!
You see, EVERYTHING and ANYBODY can help & contribute & make a change for the better!)

6.) Copyrights, Imprint etc.
6.1.: Copyrights
“Human Quest” basically is “Open Source”.
With our ideas, thoughts and concepts we want to contribute to a “better world tomorrow”, to help structure a new, free and peaceful society and to pave the way for treating Nature with respect and in harmony.
Seen from this point of view it would be absurd trying to “protect” our work with any attempts to “copyright” it.
So, if you find anything on this website, that you like but think that you could realize it better, more efficient, faster: Go right ahead!
You don’t have to ask for “permission”, but of course we would be happy to hear about your plans and will be equally happy to support you to succeed if we at all can!
Because, quite simply, if you are successful, we would have accomplished (in some way) what we are determined to accomplish!

6.2.: Imprint
For the moment “Human Quest” is nothing more than a “Project”, an “Initiative”, an “Idea”.
You can’t force ideas into any “legal framework”.
Once the team has grown a bit more, once we get to the point to actually realize at least some of our projects, we will build the appropriate “regulating legal framework” to go with it.
Right now, it’s not even clear what will turn out to be the best jurisdiction for us!
But, pinkie-promise: Once that has happened we will provide the neccessary information right here.
If you do want to get in touch, you can always do so by clicking here or on “Contact” in the menue above..