English translation: Done!

January 29 2019, 05:14 am

I think it is done!
This entire website now also is available in English.

A few days ago, I thought I’d be able to complete the task “by midnight” – well, it quite obviously did take me a “bit longer” 😀

Since English after all is not my native tongue, it will probably take some “fine tuning”, but for now it just will have to do. (Yeah, you native English speakers, it would be great if you could chip in?)
…and it also would be great to find some people to translate this website into Spanish, French, and maybe other languages? (just dreaming!)

While trying to cut some corners, I also found out that translate.google.com is a pretty cool tool – but only to translate English into German; Not the other way ’round!
That output was pure “garbage” – giving me the opportunity to realize, that converting “bad English” into “decent English” is harder, than to translate straight from German to English.
I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank the people who made dict.cc available to all of us!
(I did switch quite often between the tabs for writing and checking my spelling with dict.cc)

In any case: I hope this will help to reach more people, help to find support on the many levels we are depending on it, to eventually being able to making a difference.

So, please(!), by all means: If there is anything you could imagine to contribute to this cause, do get in touch with us! We are looking very much forward to be hearing from – and working with – you!