Selling some Great Domain Names!

We continuously are working towards making Human Quest and our project become a reality.
Anyone not completely blind and deaf and ignorant (or too greedy to see) can not possibly “not see” that it is not “5 to 12” but actually “12”, “High Noon”, the Bell already has started ringing, and if we have not fixed that mess we have created during the past 70-100 years, prior to the last tolling of that bell, Humanity will become a distant memory for this Planet…..

One could be cynical and say, well, yes, maybe that’s not such a bad idea – but protecting and preserving our planet is a better idea! No?

Anyway: We are putting our heart and hands to where our mouth is, and consequently are giving up on our own Domain Portfolio.
Some really great ones there, Domains we have been owning for many years, valuable ones,…. but now we are letting them go, if only as an incentive to someone not feeling ready to actually donate to our cause. is the website we made for this particular offer – so please, just go and visit, see if there is a domain you’d like or could make use of, and buy it off of us.

It really is a “win-win” offer. (like everything in life should be):
You’ll obtain a great Web-Address …. and we add much needed funding to our work!

Capt. Peter E. Brucha
Founder of “Human Quest”