Leaving this initiative to die….

It is too late.

Some 18 month of “Corona” have not been enough to wake up the masses, to the need for a “full stop” plus a 180° change of course.

Even so this “pandemic” has never been anything else but the prelude to such change being forced upon us.

As a first step to ending our efforts, I just now have removed the “Contact”-form on this website.

Aside from spamers who are abusing this offer to contact us, while simulatneously downranking our domain, there has not been any trafic to speak of.

So, until we will end our attempts to “save the world” (that clearly does not want any saving!) and deleting this webpage alltogether, we will just remove that contact form that used to be published here.

Congrats you imbecile spamers!

I personally have spent my entire life’s earnings and savings, a total of some € 4,000,000.00 (!) on trying to prevent from happeninhg exactly what is happening now.
But the lot of you, don’t even get, that Corona is no “pandemic”, never was, but is nothing but the first stage to the endgame, to remove 9 of 10 humans from this earth.
…..and rightfully so, because mankind will never change on its own free accord, simply for understanding that we can not go on abusing each other and looting this planet of ours, so the only solution is to remove most, and keep the rest in “camps” under “heavy guard” not to repeat the developments of the last 200 years.
As it was only 200 years(!) – it took us humans to transform this magnificent planet of ours into a tumbling pebble homing in on total destruction.
Whoever is the architect of this campagne, I salute you, and I totally aggree with you – even at the price of my own life.


If you have visited this website before, you will notice, that “all of its content” has disappeared.

The situation is way too serious and urgent to focus on anything else, but one project of ours.
At least “for starters”…..

As a matter of fact:
If not completely “blind & deaf” one really should drop anything and everything one has been, or is doing, to either join us, ….or any initiative for that matter, that is trying to initiate the neccessary changes to our world.

Corona, Covid19, SARS-Covid is NOT just “some inconvenience” that eventually will “go away”.
We WILL NOT – as in NEVER(!) – “return to the old normal”.

As far as “our approach & concept” is concerned: Please read on!


Even if you are NOT in the position to help us out with a sailing vessel, currently urgently needed:
Join us!
Get in touch!
There is NOT A SINGLE SKILL, no piece of knowledge, no contribution – no matter how small – we wouldn’t URGENTLY need!

(Especially we’d need: Legal Experts, Webdesigner, Influencer, Social Media Experts, Marketing Experts, TV-Insider incl. Camera-People, Producers, etc., multilingual people(!), Psychologists, Orga-Talents, Journalists, etc…..
….and even if you only know how to brew some good coffee, or know how to play a music instrument, or…..