This obviously is a temporary solution, but we would like to continue to build a collection of documentaries we believe are worth watching.
Currently the bulk of such is being collected for the German version of this site, a few that are available online can be found here nevertheless:

1.: Humans Need Not Apply
Short but to the point. Actually verymuch so! Just some 15 minutes suffice to make one realize which way our societies and their job-markets are drifting. Inevitably! …and we most certainly are not talking about some “distant future”. This change is right around the corner, and one simply has to refrain from trying to blame the corporations. OF COURSE they will have to follow that route – and of course(!) we will have to find ways to cope with it.

2.: “The Flood is coming” (German)
Despite being in German I am leaving this documentary in here, because it shows in impressive pictures why the UN figures that we will have to learn to deal with some 500 MILLION “Climate Refugees” in just the next 15 to 20 years.
A pending problem that we can not afford to try find solutions for, once it has started to hit us!

3.: “Darwins Nightmare”
Another one in German, and another one with very impressive pictures. In case you want to watch it, be warned: You’ll need a “good stomach” to bear what you’ll be seeing. It deals with the situation at Africa’s “Lake Victoria” and the fishing industry there. All the fish is being flown(!) out to wealthy customers in the “first world” while the locals starve and are left literally with the “left-overs”.
Watching it, I could not rid myself of the thought: “This is happening! Today! Right here on the same planet I am living at………”

4.: Fair-Transport these guys, transporting goods the “very old fashioned way” (under sail and sail only!) accross the Atlantic ocean are the most laudable pionieers of ways we have to find a way to return to
(Sorry, also in German).

5.: Leonardo Di Caprio; Just “an actor” – or, as to my opinion, an incredible hero of our days?!

…and ofcourse there are movies like “Blackfish” or “The Cove” you really should watch if the opportunity ever arises. (Unfortunately not available for linking by us.)

Also: BBC Earth and everything else Sir David Attenborough has ever created is always worth watching!

We intend to continue publishing/sharing further documentaries, as soon as we learn about them and them becoming available online.
So please drop by every now and then – and in case we have missed one, please do let us know!