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The Human Quest Facebook-Page (currently in German only):
Human Quest Facebook Page

Our currently “closed” FB Group, created for all those who actually want to join working with us (or thinking about it 😉 ) Page is in German, but English and Spanish are understood and welcome:
Human Quest Facebook Group

Human Quest on Instagram

“786” has been established in 2013 as a “Charitable Association for the Protection of the Oceans” with its main goal being:
“Making Protecting and Preserving our Oceans Popular” (which obviously does include collecting information and making it available):
786 Global Meeresschutz Webseite This page is mainly in English, but German content also is available
786 Global – our German Facebook Group (- almost exclusively in German)
786 Global – our English Facebook Gruppe (- almost exclusively in English, some Spanish content)

Another Facebook Page we created for no other purpose but to collect beutiful pictures of Sailing Boats and most of all Nature! – just as a constant reminder why it is justified to work so hard protecting it:
Facebook: Boat and Nature Porn

Initially our founder donated his personal sailing yacht, AMOR MARIS, to the association 786 Global.
Unfortunately she was stolen in November 2014, and the insurance, “Pantaenius Yacht Insurances” have so far successfully avoided covering the loss. An ongoing legal battle prohobits further statements, but it seems that Pantaenius is somewhat infamous for “avoiding payment at all cost”.
A true beauty, and historical nautical gem, is about to be lost for ever, sitting in some obscure Port in Algeria and slowly falling apart. AMOR MARIS first name was “FORBAN” and as such she was the largest version Olin Stephens had designed of his incredible “Dorade”.
For more information on this love of ours, please see: – which we will keep updated as things develop. (We still hope that Pantaenius will be made to pay eventually by the courts, and we will get her refurbished again to continue her work for the association.  Next day in court coming up early February 2019, lets all keep our fingers crossed…..


Further Websites and/or Gorups/Pages on Facebook that we find and like ourselves:

There is a special trade-fair promoting alternative concepts for the future. Lots of “green”-stuff! We would like to participate some time – but currently there simply are too few of us to shoulder all the work associated. (administrative, logistics, personally)

There is a company in the Netherlands, (allegedly) producing “One-Way-Plastics” which happen to be totally biodegradeable! We still are trying to find out more about them and their product, but here is the link:

We will continue to add further content to this page and list, and welcome your hints and tips as to what information should be featured here.
Eventually we hope to create a “comprehensive Directory” on any information concerning sustainability and protection and preservation of our environment.
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