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786 Global Tour

All the ideas and concepts and projects of Human Quest are a “matter of the heart” to us, and yet:
786 Global still has a “special status” for me, as the one who’s conceived the “Human Quest”-project.

Maybe this is only due to the fact, that it is the “original project” or “the mother of all projects” and was created for my own main personal concern:
“Marine Preservation and Protection.”
“Making Marine Conservation Popular”

=> (This is where you can download a *.pdf about the basic concept for this show-concept)

One of the first questions often asked is, “What does 786 mean?”
with the answer being: “….actually 786 has even three meanings”:

  1. It reflects the route we plan to follow under sail. (Symbolized in the logo as well)
    (The 7): From the Caribbean following the U.S. East Coast to the North, through the NW-Passage and “back down” to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. (That’s the “7” in “european style” đŸ˜‰ )
    (The 8): It’s huge! The “upper circle” follows the US-West Coast towards Central America, crosses the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia (East part), Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Hawaii and return to the W coast of the USA … Its “lower circle” basically is a circumnavigation of South America prior to returning to the Caribbean.
    (The 6) Initially starts with the first leg crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the Caribbean, and continues as the “final leg”, following the E-coast of South America to the South, to eventually cross to the southern tip of Africa, on to the west coast of Australia, to circle via Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maledives, and the Seychelles and Madagascar back to South Africa.
  2. The journey should lead to all SEVEN seas, take up to EIGHT years to complete and reach all SIX continents in the process.
  3. 786 is a “holy number” in Islam – without our project having anything to do with Islam – (or any other religion for that matter).
    The early Arab sailors, upon being confronted with the “Om sign”, which is one of the “ultimate symbols of peace representing the Universe“, mistook it for a caligraphic representation of the Arabic numerals for “7”, “8” and “6”. Which led them to believing, that this had to be some sort of “holy number” and thus also declared it “sacred”.
    Since the “786-Project” always wanted to be understood as an ultimate peace project, we thought that explanation to be quite fitting, especially considering, that the “Om” (Ahm) also derives from the same source as our “Amen”, further strengthening the “unifying message” we wanted to convey with this project.
    In case you feel like digging deeper into the subject, also touching on “786 in the Kabbalah” you might find i.e. this article to offer some interesting reading.

Question 2: “How did Project 786 come about?”

When I first came into contact with blue water sailing (in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea) at the end of the 1970s (yes, that’s a long time ago!), I was not only “infected” with sailing per se, but also found a culinary “Cockayne” for myself.
All it took, to have some tasty, fresh, simply fabulous fish on the table by dinner time, was, to toss out your fishing line, about 1 hour before you wanted to actually eat.

Over the years and decades that followed, not only the pollution of the oceans became increasingly obvious, but also the disappearance of fish.
Recently, while on a trip covering some 2,000 nautical miles, in total a few weeks at sea, I did not catch a single fish during that time!

Cosy little seafood restaurants in the romantic ports of the Mediterranean can obscure this, they can make you believe that everything is just dandy out there, but they can’t change the fact, that the Mediterranean is all but dead. Pillaged by industrialized fishing and the greed of mankind
(The fish you think you are getting especially “fresh”, in reality comes from the same (cursed!) “Aquacultures” like the fish you’ll find in the freezers of your local supermarket. Don’t believe me? Read the fine print on the labels carefully)

When you spend as much time at sea as I did and do, you can’t help but notice all of these facts.
Simultaneously another realization will be forced upon you: “No matter who you talk to about this, no one seems to care!”

The “oceans are literally dying, wasting away, right under our very eyes”  but since they do make such a “mighty impression” when looking at them, nobody can imagine how terribly sick they allready are.
No matter how much evidence you put infront of people’s eyes.

Of course, I first looked for “like-minded people,” for NGO’s where I could get involved, to do my part to save our oceans before it being too late.
(Which will have absolutely terrifying consequences for the entire planet -very much including our human race!)

After many years and many attempts, I came to the following realization:
(a) All these groups are expanding only at a very slow pace. There are hardly any “new (& urgently needed!) activists” joining our ranks.
(b) Those who “understood”, end up talking (almost exclusively) again with those, who also have already understood. Although “activism” sometimes can be very spectacular, it only appeals to the “sensationalism” of the people – not to “awakening their consciousness” …and therefore can hardly lead to any change in individual behaviour, yet alone the global change in attitude, we would actually need.
(c) Quite many of these NGOs, especially the largest, in fact only pretend to be “noble knights”, only pretend to care about the well-being of our planet.
But once one takes a closer look, they turn out to be nothing but “corporations” whose sole goal is to maximize profits by way of raking in donations, and who are lucky enough to have an incredible number of idealists (who do not realize that their enthusiasm is being abused) for “free labour”

I realized that, if we don’t somehow manage to induce the masses to wake up and see what really is about to happen and will hit all of us(!), “marine protection & preservation” will have no chance to achieve the neccessary goals.

So, the BIG Question being: HOW to accomplish this”waking them up”?
How can one reach the masses, who are increasingly tormented by, constantly present, existential worries and who really no longer have any “energy” left, to burden themselves with, seemingly abstract, issues that they do not even “actually perceive” during the annual beach holiday.

To truly understand, one just has to recap “a normal persons, regular day”:

  • An alarm clock kicks them out of bed. Brutally early and mercyless. Every single day.
  • Getting in the shower, preparing breakfast, shipping them kids off to school/kindergarten and finding your own way to work, all mastered while on “auto-pilot”.
  • Time spent at the job is becoming increasingly unpleasant, with the constant brutal pressure “to perform”, “to deliver” and the threat to lose your job as a permanent possibility.
    And this is not yet taking into consideration how to deal with the “counter-pressure” caused by the ever-increasing mountains of debt, without which the “expected standard of living”, that has become “indispensable”, simply can not be maintained.
  • Eventually there is the daily “race home from work”, somehow picking up the kids just in time, a quick stop at the supermarket, and once at home, it is about getting the household done, doing laundry, preparing dinner, shipping the kids off to bed … and then?
    Remote control in hand, watching some, as shallow as possible, “trash TV shows”, taking delight watching “others” who might be still a little worse off, or who somehow let them participate in their “adventures,” are taking you along on their little dreams.
    Just “dreams”, because who honestly has any energy left, toeven consider embarking on any of these themselves?
    The purpose of watching TV also being, to somehow unwind from the constant  “overdrive,” the “hype of the day,” to eventually be able to fall into bed, to somehow get enough sleep to master the whole absurd game all over again the next day …

HOW should one be able to reach people stuck in such an everyday “corset of madness”?
WHERE should it be possible to “pick up” these people, in order to make them realize that they are literally destroying this planet, the only one we have available?
WHAT are the odds to being able to communicate, that it just doesn’t make any sense to keep on going like this, in order to be able to leave “a paid for house” to their kids, or pay their college tuition,  and maybe even leave them some cash, if at the same time they will be stuck with devastated planet, that wont even allow for the most basic survival?

And then, one day it sort of hit me:
“Trash TV“?
Did I just think about “Trash TV”?
Is this “trash TV” the only time of the day, when people actually get a chance to relax a little, unwind from the burdens of everyday life, allow their thoughts to drift off a little, come to rest a little and actually become at least a little bit receptive?

And with that, the idea for “786 Global” was born.

The sea itself actually offers all that’s needed to reach the people!

  • Adventure
  • Romanticism
  • Memories from the last vacation
  • Images of distant lands
  • Dreaming along feeding into a slight wanderlust
  • Action (that’s what nature is providing!)
  • Exciting reports and images
  • … and the opportunity to deliver “the message” in a totally “casual”, “subliminal”, “fun packaged,”way, without that “raised index finger of the lecturer”.
    Tthis “trash TV” does offer the exact platform needed, to get the message across.

=> (This is where you can download a *.pdf about the basic concept for this show)

The idea being, that the audience does not really notice, that a message has been conveyed.
On the other hand, if one sort of “stumbles” over the same piece of information, over and over again, each time in a slightly different way, it sooner or later does become inevitable to ask yourself:
“What are these people always talking about?”
And at some point, curiosity somply will kill the cat.
People WILL eventually sit down to ask “Aunty Google” what she has to offer on this topic … with there really being no shortage of relevant information available!
It really will trigger the same process that happened to each one of “us”, who we already are”wide awake” – just taking place in somewhat a “time lapse”.

We at Human Quest are certain, that KNOWLEDGE, if obtained by ones own desire, also is the only knowledge that will almost inevitably have a lasting effect on ones own actions and behavior.

So as soon as our audience actually does sit down, to find out for themselves, to get the information, we’d have “won”.
Then the sea has won.
Then mankind has won.

…..and then also has a realistic chance to actually survive.


Talk to us, to find out how YOU could be part of this journey, this realistic chance to make
“THE” difference.

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