gemeinschaftliche Selbsthilfe von Obdachlosen

Apartments Villekulla

Project: „Apartments Villekulla“
Structure: Built on a charitable foundation and supplemented by some legal frame-work, like a Ltd., to deal with the purely fiscal and commercial part of the project.
(partly scripted) Docutainment Soap w./ “Audience Participation”
Introducing ecological and sustainable projects for future cohabitation.
Addressing issues and ideas, in a “conversational atmosphere” allowing the audience to eavesdrop on the protagonists. Motivation to initiate independent search for more information.

Realizing a social-civic collaborative concept as a possible example to become a model-project for others to keep copying.
At the same time delivering prove that a “way out” can also be economically succesful.
Showing, that the requirement of purely “charitable giving” – which is often perceived by the uninhibited general public as an “unreasonable burden on their obligation to pay” – can be kept to a minimum and actually create real relieve to society on the long run.
Addressing the unquestionable social challenge via a long-range medium (TV) based on the widespread “pleasure” of voyeurism and the need for “easy entertainment”.

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A concept that deserves realization, of for no other reason but to demonstrate:
“Different approaches are possible!”

Nobody drifts off into homelessness “for the fun of it”, or some romantic notion that life on the streets would be something desireable. Alcohol and/or Drugs can be the cause, but often enough are also just the result.

One way or another.
Once caught up in that downward spiral, escaping it tends to become an impossibility.
“Public stigmatization”, “inadequate appearance”, (of course, the visible, effects of drugs or alcohol abuse), along with “no proper address”, “no bank account” or even obvious (?) “civilized amenities” such as unrestricted access to hygiene & personal care, or just a washing machine, are quickly are becoming one “nail in the coffin” after another, making an escape more and more impossible with each day.

In addition, the effects on self-perception.
Although it might seem that this can be drowned in alcohol, at least be made more bearable, the “Ultimo Ratio”, the bottom line hardly anybody will be able to escapemight sound somewhat like this:

They bare eying me like I was scum, human trash, as an outcast to truly human society… they dont want to have any business with me – but, Ha!, they are in for a surprise, because I  don’t want to be associated with  them either!“
Pretty obvious that this becomes to be a classic example of “Catsh 22”.

There are charities run by the church as well as such run by private initiatives, and each of which are putting in truly heroic efforts! But it sort of “comes with the territory” that all of these can only “help” but lack the ability to “heal”.
They simply cant offer a stepping stone for a return into society.

Of course one can elect to ignore the problem – even quite successfuly, to the point where it seems as if the problem really did not exist.
We chose not to ignore it, to take a closer look, and to start thinking about how to create solutions.
Maybe not for each and every one, but at least for some?
At least for those who are ready for a return into society and are willing to put in some effort to get there.
….if this becomes a success, surely others will follow the example.

Its always way more easy to “copy”, to “imitate” than “to set an example”, – but we don’t mind! On the contrary!

We are thinking: Why not buy some empty, run-down apartment building – and convert it into a “collabrative project”?

„Money!“ – well, yes of course, that does take some financing.
Purchase and refurbishment …. and no Bank will loan a lot of money to a bunch of ragged homeless people without any income!

Maybe they wont help out a bunch of “ragged homeless people” – but to a charitable association, with a properconcept and business- as well as payment plan, maybe they will?

Maybe there is an owner of such a “run-down apartment building” out there, who has no heirs and who’d be willing to donate (one of) his properties to the association?
Tax deductible?
Banks, especially currently, have to deal with “negative interest” and might think somewhere along these lines:
„We provide the funding, we might have to be very flexible with the terms and the interest we charge, but for any losses we might suffer we’d be able to establish a counter-claim with our taxes plus will receive a lot of “free” PR with that “docutainment soap” and can use our helping out for polishing up our image…..”

Sponsors might think along similar lines (or might just be willing to simply help) when providing such a project with the needed supplies, machines etc…..
Unemployed or retired architects, supervisors, professionals might find participating in such a project to either be simply rewarding or a possibility to use it as a “referral” for finding another job?
Motivations can be so different – all that matters are the results!

The thoughts, needs, experiences, desires – but also the labor of the homeless people involved would also become a part of the realization of this project.

Simultaneously such a project could set the example, or even new standards for modeling a future approach to communal living?

Like jointly used kitchens, different living rooms, TV-rooms, computer-rooms, communal garden utilized for “urban farming”, as an immediate source of food…..
The individual apartments don’t need to offer “luxurious housing”, but simply offer some space for privacy, with a private bathroom and shower. A place one can lock and leave without fear that ones last possessions might get stolen.

Some sort of a “home base” allowing to take off in search for a job, which eventually would become the final stepping stone “back into society”….. and with the show-format being watched all around the country, odds ar quite good, that this would help with finding a job.

The TV-show itself could easily double to raise awareness with the general public for the problems and challenges homeless people face, while introducing “these people” as actually also “being just some huma beings” and maybe meet them in the future as such, and not as something one tries to ignore at the best of ones abilities. As people who deserve better than to be judged, based on some wild prejudice.
Fellow human beings who have just fallen on some hard times, and all they need is some kindness and understanding and the occasional helping hand for a return into our society?

This is not inteded as a „Ghetto“, seperated for homeless men and women, but a place where young and old can meet and benefit from each other! Everybody can always learn something from someone else. Nobody has to experience loneliness, there are neighbors, onne knows, and who watch out for each other.

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