Gemeinschafts- und Generationen-Projekt von Arbeitslosen zur Selbsthilfe

Hammer, Saw & Brush

Project: “Hammer, Saw & Brush!” (working titel).
Structure: Built on a charitable foundation and supplemented by some legal frame-work, like a Ltd., to deal with the purely fiscal and commercial part of the project.
Format: (partly scripted) Docutainment Soap w./ “Audience Participation”
Objective: Civic engagement, ideas and motivation for self-help.
Sub-Objective: Addressing issues and ideas, in a “conversational atmosphere” allowing the audience to eavesdrop on the protagonists. Motivation to initiate independent search for more information.
People with all the different abilities, talents and interests that make them to be so fascinating in the forst place, are being “pooled” together to buy real estate in distress. The entire process (finding each other, resolving to “do something”, finding the right property, negotiating, securing financing, initiating and completing the work neccessary and finally selling it) is being captured by camera.
But profits are not just pocketed, but reinvested to again help others to provide for their housing needs.

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Be it in the Cities, the suburbs or in the countryside, there would be enough potential living space – at least in theory.
Any unemployed/retired brick layer, tile layer, plumber, electrician, handyman it probably wouldn’t be a problem to take care of either one of these challenges.
But what about the other talents needed for completing the job?
Of course one could ask friends for their help. Always depending on their availability and good will.
But you’d also need some “manager-friends” to take care of negotiations and financing, some “project-coordinator”, a “location scout”, someone knowinghis way around Banks and the issue of financing, and some help with office work and administration….. and to cover all these tasks either yourself or always remain depending on others?
Trying to realize a project “structured” like that, would have to(!) fail.

It is not only possible to get this structured right, but this TV-show will actually take the audience “by the hand” and show them “step by step” how it can be done successfully.  Copy-Cats are welcome! …and anyone getting ready to embark on a journey like that themselves would find support with the team of Human Quest. …possibly creating a new episode of the show in its wake.

In (possibly! & hopefully!) collaboration with unemployment agencies Human Quest will build the team, bring the neccessary people together, coordinate the projects and negotiate and secure the financing needed…. and all of that taken together is then compiled into a (partially scripted) “Docutainment” format for airing by a TV-station but also promoted by our own video-channels and social media efforts.

There are simiar formats already existing, – but none of them do it with a “gang of (long time) unemployed, retired or young people only startig out.
And none of them do it with a charitable focus on the final outcome.
Use of the derogatory labeling of the concept to actually be “Trash-TV” we’d be happy to endure.
Because that is exactly what it intends to look like, at least on the surface!
We want to(!) entertain our audience – first and most of all!
We want them to tune in again for the next episode!
Because we realize that the only way to reach people is by offering to entertain them at the end of most people’s long and strenuous working days.
Entertainment simply is the “perfect vehicle”.

Plus, the audience will be offered the opportunity to have a say in the turn of events. Each episode will offer some subject the audience can decide on, with sending fee-based text-messages, furthering the bond with the format.
…and rather subtly we will be scripting topics into the show, for the people to discuss them “on camera”, that cover a wide range of opinions and information. People like to eavesdrop, which is part of all of these concepts, – and we will use that to convey information and motivate the audience to want(!) to find out more about what they heard during the show.

Additionally regional products and suppliers of such, shall be introduced and promoted – again to motivate the audience to shop more locally and seasonally.

How? There are plenty of property available that only need some TLC – maybe “+”.

Again we will focus on bringing people and sponsors together, to not only refurbish real estate, but also bring some life into real, local, social and civic interaction.

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