TV Show rund um den Refit von Yachten als Generationenprojekt

Hey, Ho, Heave Away!

Project: „Hey, Ho, Heave Away!“
Structure: Built on a charitable foundation and supplemented by some legal frame-work, like a Ltd., to deal with the purely fiscal and commercial part of the project.
Format: (partly scripted) Docutainment Soap w./ “Audience Participation”
Objective: Civic engagement, ideas and motivation for self-help.
Sub-Objective: Addressing issues and ideas, in a “conversational atmosphere” allowing the audience to eavesdrop on the protagonists. Motivation to initiate independent search for more information.
Assisted by professionals with an economic and financial background, a team of people with brine in their veins is being formed.
Different talents, expertise, and experience combined to not only improve their lives and outlook o their future, but to be where they like to be most anyways: At sea!

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Threatened by existential fears and unemployment? Maybe even slipping into homelessness?
A “lack of perspectives” can easily destroy the last “possible perspectives”.
Addressing not only shipwrights, riggers, welders, mechanics, electricians, sailmakers and other “specialized professionals”, but anyone with some common sense, knowing their way around tools, not shying away from hard work and not having “two left hands” (unless of course, they’d be left-handed!) – and who don’t want to wait for someone else to bring “solutions for life”, to their door.

Yachts, the owners of which have long since lost their interest with them, or no longer are in the position to bear the cost of their upkeep, can be found in pretty much every single marina or boat yard around the Mediterranean.
These vessels are a thorn in the side of said Marinas and Yards (taking up space, no one is paying for – and becoming less and less a pretty sight) – while possibly being exactly the kind of raw-material this concept of Human Quest needs:
The basis for bringing a group of like minded people together, to bring such a yacht back to her former glory with the assistance of professional advisors and financed by spnsors.

The idea being to convert a 16-wheeler truck into a “rolling workshop” and a decommissioned coach into some “living-sleeping”-quarters for the Team. (Maybe becoming the first commission for the “Rolli’, Rollin’, Rollin’-Project” of HQ?)
Scouts will be searching for the “best deal”, negotiate it and bring in the team.

Needless to say that the audience can expect to witness not only excitement, and adverse events, and unexpected turns and complications, which come with the territory, but also watch that small group of people growing together, becoming a team, celebrating triumphs and weather defeats together.
Throwing in some “campfire romanticism” on the beach, the sea glistering in the Moon light and excursions to visit local sights during “days off”.

Even while still working on them, the vessels will be offered for sale, also within the show. Giving prospective buyers a well documented insight into the refit.

Profits will be shared fairly between all those participating and after all cost have been paod for.
…and if, for some reason, one of our projects can’t get sold (right away)?
Well, that would open the opportunity for yet another possible show concept, to launch a “Charter-Business” for Human Quest that would enjoy the best possible distribution and PR-opportunity:
A (our own) TV-show!

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