Phileas Fogg 2.0 Trash-TV-Show

Phileas Fogg 2.0

Project: „Phileas Fogg 2.0“
Structure: A seperate charitable association dedicated particularily to this project.
Format: (partly scripted) Docutainment Soap possibly w./ some “Audience Participation”
Objective: An adventurous journey by small plane around the world. Adventure, excitement, action, impressive aerial footage!
Sub-Objective: Motivating the audience to start investigating the environmental challenges this planet is facing, individually and to get up, join one of the groups/NGO’s introduced during the show, and to get active.
A “quirky millionaire” embarks on an adventurous journey around the world on his own twin-engined plane to get a first hand idea of the state our earth is really in.

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Getting increasingly fed up with conflicting rumours about the state our planet actually is in, a “quirky millionaire” (pilot/actor) decides to embark on a journey to find out for himself.
Initially intended to visit just one “hot-spot” in Europe he had heard about, he learns about another problematic situation somewhere else, while visiting the first place.
And so he keeps going, deciding at each stop where to fly next, with the help of the audience at home who participate with their “vote” with the course the plane will fly.
As the journey evolves he gets to witness the inflationary use of plastic, to the clearing for fast expanses of forests, pollution of rivers and patches in the Oceans and the many other visible signs of what we are actually doing to our planet. ….and with the audience at home “in tow”, they get to witness all of that too.

This entire journey is designes to eventually have visited 100 locations all around the globe.

A journey around the world to visit hotspots of a destroyed environment
First draft of a possible route for this journey

At each destination he will get to meet with local NGO’s, local residents, people directly affected by the consequences, scientists and others focusing on each particular problem, to learn the facts.

Idealy the pilot and the team meeting him at each stop, will meet with some prominent personality from either the world of business or from the world of arts.
“Coincidently” or presented as the “original informant” who told our Pilot/Millionair about the problem first. There will be interviews conducted with said VIP or one gets together “at a campfire” to discuss the problem at hand in particular and their take of our situation in general.
Maybe the one or the other will actually come along for one leg or the other?

For one, this should create an additional attraction for the show and motivate the audience to keep watching it – and on the other hand it presents a great opportunity to communicate the message:
„Look! Even the rich and famous, are taking this problem seriously and are getting involved to safe our planet. On a very personal level! ….if that does not tell you, that it is about time that you are getting involved as well, what will?“

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