Piraten! DAS Thema schlechthin


“Aye Matie! – The TV-Show”

Pirates… somehow a topic that gets people’s phantasy to soar and triggers some sort of inexplicable “romantic longing”. …yeah! We know! 😉

This project actually was the very first concept we conceived, ….some 7 years ago!
(Time sure flies!)

Negotiations to get this idea into production were well under way, everything was looking good, and we even had the vessel needed already in our possesion…. just for the whole thing to die anyway.
Due to incredible greed of some crooks in Mallorca and the fact the island never really changed from being an (actual!) Pirate’s stronghold.
Knowing now, what I did not know back then, I for once can even understand(?!) the effort of these people to usurp the yacht.
Well, at the end of the day, they lost – but so did we. We long since no longer own the boat.

But this website here after all is witness to the fact, that we never give up, never give in.
“No Quarter Given” – maybe I am a Pirate myself? (But I would be one of the good ones! 😀 )

We still strongly believe in the same principles we did believe in back then, so we thought we should at least mention its very existence also on this website.

Unfortunately I never translated that page into English, but feel free to have a look: : https://ayematie.wordpress.com/
(Opens in a seperate tab)

After all, Google Translate is a pretty handy tool to translate entire website into the language of your choice. 😉

Meanwhile the concepts of the “786 Global Tour” – maybe even in conjunction with “Phileas Fogg 2.0” (?) – have taken over. Both based on the initial idea of “Aye Matie” – maybe even a bit more sophisticated…

… even so I still think that it would have been great fun to do this show and I also believe that it would be immensly successful! Just imagine: People would actually get the chance to participate in a “Real Pirate Story”! …..

Be it as it may: If you feel like adopting that idea and realize it, just give us a buzz and we’d be happy to share all the details we already long since have worked out.
Just click “Contact” above – since we still have, but no longer monitor the email address stated on the Aye Matie-Website. (Or at least not very frequently)