TV-Show Docutainment Selbsthilfe

Princess, Pro, Philosopher

Project: “Princess, Pro, Philosopher”
Structure: A (seperate) charitable association
Format: (partly scripted) Docutainment Soap w./ “Audience Participation”
Objective: Civic engagement, ideas and motivation for self-help.
Sub-Objective: Addressing issues and ideas, in a “conversational atmosphere” allowing the audience to eavesdrop on the protagonists. Motivation to initiate independent search for more information.
Three people with very different individual talents find together to not only better their situation in life, but to also share the benefits and proceeds achieved to help others in need.

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Some Details:
Buying – Fixing – Selling.
But that’s easy!
Or so one would think.
…and then: There are TV-shows like that already out there?
Lots of them?

Same holds true for “good ideas”.
Also: Lots of those out there!
…and this is where it tends to get difficult: Who would have all the knowledge and talents needed to actually bring an idea to life?
In this particular case: All three “components”?
You’d need someone proficient with “buying”, – one cool & efficient mechanic  – someone for sales?
….plus an own work-shop would be needed as well?

So, we will be bring those needed together!
If only to deliver the core-message of Human Quest:
“Many things are close to impossible of one goes about them alone – but together? Easy!”

The “Princess” being a very talented sales-person, with a great sense for people, and excellent social skills…
The “Pro” will be a highly skilled and talented mechanic, someone having always a smile on his face, happy having to deal with the challenges of technical stuff, but when it comes to daily life? A bit of a “space cadet”. and
The “Philosopher” who loves getting into people’s heads, to understand them, to feel them and consequently is great with getting the projects for the best price possible. He also is the “brain” behind the concept and initiates many of the discussions.  On the other hand he is a bit of an “social ascetic” and consequently his social skills are anything but great.

Three very different characters are getting together, are buying, fixing and selling used cars, argue about and discuss the ideas introduced by the Philosopher, are having fun and, in the original concept, are having their conversations in “Viennese” – a slang especially the Germans really like.

Hardly surprising the idea to use at least some of the profits generated to help people in need, also is being introduced by the Philosopher. Some discussion results, but finally it is being agreed:
The decission is made to actually leave it to the audience, watching TV at home, to decide which one of the “people in need” introduced, should be favored and helped.
Thus tuning the burden of deciding over to the audience.
As there is only one beneficiary per episode!
An attempt to get people to realize the burden of having to make decissions.

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