Tiny Homes selbst gebaut Alternative zukünftige Lebensform

Tiny but Home!

Project: „Tiny but Home“
Structure: Built on a charitable foundation and supplemented by some legal frame-work, like a Ltd., to deal with the purely fiscal and commercial part of the project.
Format: (partly scripted) Docutainment Soap w./ “Audience Participation”
Objective: Civic engagement, ideas and motivation for self-help.
Sub-Objective: Addressing issues and ideas, in a “conversational atmosphere” allowing the audience to eavesdrop on the protagonists. Motivation to initiate independent search for more information.
Not everybody is cut out for entrepreneurship.
What does it take to leave unemployment behind, take your future into your own hands and to build a business that not only is successful economically but also stays in tune with nature?

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Housing,  living space is in short supply, high demand and consequently prices keep going through the roof!

And if that was not bad enough. Utility cost are growing and growing and cost for furniture needs to be kept in account, household sizes are shrinking….
So why not go smaller? Without giving up on the comforts of life!

“Tiny Homes” could be the answer to many!

Tailored to the very individual needs of their residents, comfortable with custom built furniture. Throwing in some solar-panels for independence from the grid. And in case you feel like moving? Bring your home along!

Additionally “Tiny Homes” lend themselves in many countries to be put to work as „Hotels“. Being “mobile” they don’t need building permits, and wherever someone is willing to provide some “special location”, they make for exquisite little chalets in i.e. a Vineyard, some alpine pastures, next to a lake or a skiing slope! The owner of the property can easily manage the places and deal with the guests, and profits are being shared. An additional source of income, that can be established quickly, grow one by one and with individual travelling growing in demand, a great way into a future.

All of that are the ingredients for an occupation that  not only makes sense, does not incorporate great risks to get it off the ground and also set pioneering impulses.

This concept is particularily tailored to people stuck in the downward spiral of long-time unemployment. There is so much talent and abilities and experience and craftsmenship out there – all that needs to be done is to bring the corresponding individuals together, give them a meaning in life, structure to their days and let them regain their self-respect. Nothing accomplishes that better than success.
In addition participating with the show, it also is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to possible future employers – if at the end of the day, employment is still what someone would be looking for.
One never knows who is sitting at home and is watching TV?!

For many the transition into self-employment comes with way too many „???“ and maybe even the fear of the onknown; This format consequently also aims to ease these fears while showing that entrepreneurship hardly ever means that you have to be able to do everything yourself, but only to bring the right people together.
The Team of „Tiny Homes“ will be accompanied by some professionals from the financing and business world who just donate some of their knowledge, experience and expertise to further a very good cause.

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