Unemployed - The future and not the problem

One of the greatest challenges mankind and our civil-societies will have to face in the foreseeable future, is an exploding rate of unemployment.
Over the past some 70 years people got way too used to the concept, that there are no limits to the ecconomic growth we had been experiencing. Its literally unfathomable that this could end, pretty much for everybody,…. and rather soon at that.
“Anyone wanting to work, can always find a job” was the credo even I grew up with. …and yet, as far as the future is concerned, it could not possibly be further from the truth.
An absolutely excellent documentary about what to expect, you can actually access right here on this page, by going to “Documentaries” and watching the very first video we have posted.
It’s called : “Humans need not apply”, just some 15 (well invested!) minutes and allowing a glimpse on what to expect. Its core-message simply translating into: We will have to change our entire approach on that issue, and we will have to change it in a very generous way.

While politicians still are busy trying to convince us, that things are getting better, unemployment rates are exploding as we speak. But one has to give it to them, they are quite creative covering up the facts.
Those actually unemployed are either made to attend “courses” (which are totally pointless – but it converts their numbers from “unemployed” into “in education”), or they are being declared “sick” – which again reduces the official number of those “unemployed”, or they are made to accept “minimum-wage & minimum-hour”-jobs which again makes them “officially employed” but in fact gets them in situations where they just don’t make enough to finance a decent living by any definition of such.
The first victims of this development, of course are either those who are 50+, or the very young, who are hit with having no perspective in life, prior to landing their first job.
But this is not a political website (or else there would be a lot I’d have to say about that subject 🙂 ) so lets focus on:

What Human Quest is (also) about, and the goals we are following in that respect:
1.: Particularily for those who have been unemployed for an extended period of time, as well as for the very young, just starting out, we would like to create with our various TV-Shows the oppertunity to not only get involved, but also to introduce themselves, “on air”, “on camera” to possible employers. (Because Bosses too are watching TV!)
We will do our very best to include those seeking jobs to the best of their individual abilities, talents and interests – and not neccessarily depending on their education or “training completed”.
2.: Our TV-concepts also lend themselves, especially within the scripted parts, to introduce new ideas, new ways for people to busy themselves and generate an income to sustain themselves. Most likely not within the boundaries of “traditional jobs” – but with new concepts, also for “self-employed” concepts or collaborations. Again; We wont be lecturing, but offering any advice or suggestions simply by allowing our audience to eavesdrop on conversations that seem to be “just part of the show”.
Same system & principle applies!
If people hear something and pick up on it, why wouldn’t they say: “Hey! That is a cool idea! I bet I could do that myself?!”
Needless to say that the subject of an “Basic Income” will need to be discussed as well – question is, if it really needs to be an “unconditional” one – or if that is a feasible option at all?
Is it all possible to structure such a “basic income” in any ecconomic way? And if so, what will it take to prep the way for its realization?

Our Projects aredesigned to achieve both!

Because those discussing the issue, often seem to forget, that an income is so much more than “making money”!
It is at least as important to find “Appreciation” (self)-“Esteem”, “social interaction” as well as a “Purpose” “Pride” and even just something as simple as “Structure” for the daily life.
Particularily “Selfesteem” is ultimately important for mastering life with joy and confidence.

Quite intentionally Human Quest also wants to encourage “Copy-Cats” to pick up on any of our ideas and make them their own. We dont claim that our ideas are perfect, so the more people put their minds to finding and structuring solutions, the better.

And while being at it, as a (more than welcome!) “side effect”, “old” and “young” can make perfect use of the opportunity to learn from each other, exchange experiences which again further mutual understanding of the generations.
“Social Interaction” will be happening, and the success based on collaboration will further the self-esteem, “social recognition” and will allow, particularily for the younger ones, for are more optimistic outlook on the future.

Thus all our projects revolve either around a social/economic focus – or an ecological one. Most of the time it will be both with different “compositions”.