Why TV?

TV Picking up the people where they are at

(when reading this, please bear in mind: We wrote that back in 2018(!))

Two questions seem to be “fundamental”:
(a) Why would  “Human Quest” (yet another group of “Environmentalists!) be needed? – and
(b) Why “TV”?

Let’s try to answer (a) first:
No doubt: There are already plenty of groups of all sizes out there, who engage with Protecting the Environment, Protecting our Ressources, Animal-Welfare in general and other, sometimes very specific issues – some on a broad and rather general level – others focused on very local issues.
First, there of course are those very efficiently structured and run “Corporations for Donation-Collecting” – most of all the likes of the “Evil Four” (WWF, Greenpeace, Seashepherd & PETA).
What these do have in common is that their administration tends to devour whatever is left of donations collected – after their CEOS have pocketed hefty annual wages. (6 digit is the rule, not the exception!)
Imho what these Corporations have perfected, is a modern version of a “sale of indulgences”.
And then there of course are the “activists” working like dogs for these “Donation-Coporations” (not realizing that their enthusiasm is being abused) and those “Lone-Wolf Activists”, small and tiny groups who heroically invest all their spare time, all the (little & personal) funds available to them, to fight for a better future and a healthy planet for future generations.
There are thousands of such heros existig around the world, but – for obvious reasons – nobody, who could give them the much needed voice and reach, has too great an interest to make them heard……

The situation with groups and people working for social / communal issues, who are trying to develop answers to the question how a “future world” should look like and operate, is quite similar and comparable.

To our observation, there are two major mistakes being made:
=> Firstly; None of these groups communicate much with each other, yet alone collaborate. They may be many, but because of a “lack of coordination and collaboration” they pose no threat to those determined to continue abusing this planet for profit-maximization. No need to pay “those” much mind….
All of these “Environmentalists”, “Nature-Activists”, “Animal-Rights-Advocates” are getting noticed “up there” – but only as some kind of “ambient noise”.
The many who we already actually are, the noise we could make, simply does not happen, because we do not cooperate nor collaborate!
=> Secondly: At least as far as we know, there is no NGO existing anywhere, that would see and build the bridge between all these issues?
To us it seems to be absolutely obvious, that there can not be an “Environmentally Healthy Future” for this planet, if we do not finally find a way to also build a “Socially Just” society.

Human Quest consequently is dedicated to show the need for combining Environmentalism with developing new systems for a just and peaceful society, that will meet the demands and requirements of the future.  The objective being to make it possible to create an “environment” that will be capable to sustain this planet of ours as a home to Nature and Humans alike.

And, maybe even more importantly, to answer Question (b):
When it comes to Environmentalism, Climate Change, Sustainability etc., there really is no lack of available information.
There is plenty out there, covering “dry-scientific-Information” all the way to immensly simplyfying “memes” on Facebook and Instagram. There are absolutely great Documentaries with full feature length and plenty of TV-programs (like BBC Earth or National Geographic etc.)
It’s somewhere between “unlikely” and “impossible” that there would still be anyone out there who has never been touched by some of these very alarming, unsettling and shocking pieces of information about the “State of our Planet”. Even some of the daily papers and regular News on TV have started to communicate the challenge our planet is facing and the urgency it has.

That sort of begs the question why the majority of humanity, sometimes even those with a “higher education”, act, as if this would not have long since become “a matter of life and death”?!
“Oh, I am sure that is a very interesting topic, and I would love to hear more about it, but right now I am running a bit late for my next appointment, to continue with my job-assignment, to vacuum my living-room, whatever…” Seriously?
Particularily unsettling I find the reaction “I’m sorry, no time, I have to take care of my children now…”  for a reason, why there really is no time to pay some attention to this subject.
Wouldn’t one expect that especially people with children are the first ones to realize, that they really only have a choice between “dropping everything else, right away, to focus exclusively on whatever it takes to save our “Spaceship Earth” – or “kill their own kids right there and then to at least spare them the slow a cruel death, a slow suffocating, that will be their fate – IF they manage to somehow survive the revolutions and the civil wars, and the famines, and the dictatorial regimes that will precede such final demise?!

The only “excuse” I can imagine, is that most people simply are psychologically unable to cope with the  horrors inevitably resulating from the dawning of realization. It sort of “softens the blow” if the “next meeting” is made “more important” – because these are dimensions people are able to cope with.
The human brain seems to have this remarkable ability to simply “mute” stuff, particularily if it gets really extreme, disgusting, brutal, unbearable, in order not to be crushed by it.
And even one would “man up” and decide to meet that challenge “head on”, there still would be the question:“Where to start? What to do? What group to join? How to….?”

To make matters worse, a fast majority of our fellow human beings have long since arrived in a situation, where everything they know, everything they trust, has become so “fragile”, that after mastering their daily chores, there simply is not enough energy left to deal with anything else.
When really exhausted, over tired, running on your own very last “reserves” – it doesn’t matter if the largest Tsunami starts building up infront of your very eye, you wont even try to run……
“If that is, what will have to be, then let it be”….

We, at Human Quest, believe that the only place, where we still stand a chance to “pick up the people”, to motivate them to gather their own information, to join a movement of change, to change their own habits and behaviors, is the place where they “collapse” at the end of their long and strenuous days, in an attempt to wind down, to find some “relaxation”……

On their Couch, Remote in Hand, watching TV.

The Idea, the basis of all our concepts, consequently is, to produce and offer “Entertainment”.
Seemingly. Ostensibly.
TV-Shows that seem not to be demanding at all, the perfect thing to watch for winding down, funny, lively, crisp, humerous, adventerous…. offering the opportunity to even “have a say” with the simple sending of a text-message.
And not reducing that to “One Show”, one “Format”, just one Subject…. Many! and many different ones.
Something to meet every taste and preferences out there!
We still have a chance to turn the tide, we still can drag the cart out of the mire, but here most certainly is no time left to wait for others to do the job. We will either have to wake up, all of us, get together and lend a hand, each and every single one of us, like NOW, or there will be nothing left but to bear the dire consequences of our failures!

And all our “Show-Concepts” do have one thing in common: Subtly scripted into them the constant and continuous message, that there simply is no other option left but to wake up, get up, and get involved – no matter how tired one might be feeling. …while at the same time offering something like a “landing page”, a place where to find the answer to that “eternal question”: “How? Where? Whom with? But what can I do all by myself?”
“You are not alone! Just open your eyes! We are all in this, and we are in it, for better or worse, together!”

So, there you have it. That is the basic concept of “Human Quest”.
However, it is one thing to have an “idea” – even so it always is the necessary “Starting Point”.
But bringing such an idea to life, to get it off the ground, agaist the odds of ecconomic and social “circumstances”, is an entirely different ball-game yet.

Not to get stuck with “day-dreaming” we took our thoughts a step further. The next step was to write them down, followed by making these thoughts available to the public: Hence this Website.

So we did develop suitable TV-concepts for all our ideas. Now it is to take it to the next step, to bring them to life with the support and hands-on help of sponsors from the world of business and the people surrounding us. Of course money is “an issue” – but, really? is it?
What would be the point of amassing fast fortunes, if at the end of the day there is not even a planet left, allowing to enjoy any of it?
Rich and Poor: The point is, we are all in this together!

There also is nobody who has no talents, nothing to offer or to bring to the table. Someone like that does not exist! You therefor are being cordially invited to join us, no matter what you think you could offer!
Wake up! Get up! Get active! …. be it infront of the camera – or behind the scenes, be it as an editor, a cutter, a composer, a gaffer, or knowing your way with light,…. be it as director, writer, caterer, mechanic, painter, gardener, chauffeur, Sponsor, or as the one to fix some sandwiches and have the coffee ready…..
ALL OF YOU are equally important for our mutual success!

…and if nothing else, maybe you do know someone who might know someone….. !

But don’t withdraw now to ponder over these questions on your own!
“Nothing” is possible all on your own – but together we can master everything!”
…so, if you like our ideas or thoughts, our concepts and ideas, please – by all means – do get in touch! Whether  you can cook – or are an international Celebrity willing to put your name behind our work: You are welcome as our brother or sister or whatver you feel comfortable with!