What if?

We are proposing a rather unusual approach to the acquisition of a sailing vessel.

This approach is owed to our analysis of the situation the world currently is in, and the possible outcomes.

It’s only fair to ask: „What if?“

There basically are only two possible outcomes:

  1. We are wrong in our assessment and prediction and the world and its economy will recover. Soon everybody will be happy, dandy and in the „old normal“ again…. (“….ever after”, etc.)
  2. We are right, and this world of ours will continue „to go to hell in a handbasket“.

What does either option mean for a „creative deal“ with someone currently interested in selling his yacht?

In case of „1.“:

  • (a) Our project fails.
    The world no longer has any use for an „Adventure-Type-Sailing-Competition-TV-Show“, our ratings drop towards meaningless and we have to stop producing and airing it;
    » Seller will claim and retake possession of the vessel, it will be in good, well maintained condition (as this is a basic necessity for being able to produce the show), he did not have the burden of berthing and operational cost during our use, and he can put the vessel back on the market, when there is a market again.
    Seller still might be able to make use of tax-benefits built into the initial deal.
    » everything good for the seller.

  • (b) Our project is a success.
    It will generate income and profits enabling us to live up to any obligation we did enter into when acquiring it.
    In addition seller can benefit from any tax-advantages we might have included in the deal – and he can always claim to have contributed to making this world of ours a better place to live in.
    » everything very good for the seller.

In case of „2.“:

» It doesn’t matter. For neither of us. Our efforts will have been „too little, too late“, money
will have no meaning, personal property will have seized to exist (except for some of the
„super-rich“) and at least most of us will be dead anyway.
» All of us will have died, knowing, that we at least gave it our best shot.


Of course this is a very simplified way to put it, but it does illustrate, that striking a deal with us, in the current situation can only boil down to a „win-win“ situation…. And if not, if we lose, ALL of us will have lost, and in that case it sure was worth trying.


Needless to say that an owner accepting to be entering into some sort of “deal” with us, will always have full and unrestricted access to all documentation, reports, accounting as well as full information and would be welcome to visit and use the vessel (during brakes in production, of course).